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In year 2002, Inversiones Innovadoras S.A. de C.V. (INVERNOVA) in coordination with other institutions as such as San Andres Foundation, CORDES Foundation (Cooperation and Rural Development Association of El Salvador), FUSAI (Salvadorian Foundation of Integral Support), Caritas of El Salvador and ADESCOS Asociations that work in the development of the region, distributed more than 65,000 Noni plants (Morinda Citrifolia) to all the central and west citizens of El Salvador.

INVERNOVA has pioneered the cultivation of Noni plants in El Salvador. Invernova acquired the first certified noni seeds (Morinda Citrifolia). From the beginning, producers were given instruccions on how to deal with organic crops.

Productores Noni
Producers of Noni, 2006-2008

Our business works under American standards of quality BPM (Good Practices of Manufacture) and HACCP (Hazard, and critical control points).


Mother's Noni Story
The story of "Mother's Noni" started in year 2001, when she had breast cancer. In search of getting back to health along with other treatments. A close relative had a serious cancer and was getting better thanks to the benefits of Noni. She suggested to drinm the juice of this fruit. She followed the instructions taking 2 onz. in the morning and 2 onz. in the evening and one more time later on. Tests showed a great improvement. After a while, the sickness disappeared. Up to now, six years later, cancer has not come back. Mother Noni always wanted to help with projects in the social responsibility and decided to share with Salvadorians the benefits of Noni plant.

With the vision to help poor families and help them to prevent all kind of sicknesses, she started to distribute Noni plants with certified seeds to many people. Up to date, it is processed and distributed all over the country so that all may have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of Noni.